Welcome to Ever Evolving 3, co-founded by Cindy and Heather in 2023, driven by their unwavering passion for Recreation Therapy. With a shared vision to advance and grow the field, Cindy and Heather have created a platform dedicated to empowering professionals in the industry. At Ever Evolving 3, we embrace a three-pronged motto: Play, Learn, Grow, which not only forms the foundation of our business but also guides our personal lives.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of PLAY. We recognize that recreation and leisure activities are not just sources of enjoyment, but essential components of a fulfilling life. Through our platform, we encourage professionals to infuse playfulness into their work, fostering joy, creativity, and engagement in their therapeutic practices.

LEARN is at the core of our mission. We are committed to providing a diverse range of educational resources, conferences, and mentorship programs to support continuous professional growth. By embracing a student mindset, we believe that every day offers an opportunity to expand knowledge, explore new approaches, and elevate the impact of Recreation Therapy in the lives of individuals we serve.

We are firm believers in the power of GROWTH. Applying what we learn is the catalyst for progress and evolution. At Ever Evolving 3, we strive to empower Recreation Therapists to confidently apply their knowledge and skills to enhance their practices. We offer a supportive environment that encourages personal and professional development, inspiring therapists to reach their full potential and make a meaningful difference in the lives of their clients.

Our commitment extends beyond individuals; we aim to BUILD COMMUNITY. We understand the value of connection, collaboration, and shared experiences. Through our online platform and in person events, we facilitate networking opportunities, foster meaningful relationships, and cultivate a sense of belonging among Recreation Therapists. Together, we can create a strong and supportive community that elevates the entire field.

At Ever Evolving 3, we are dedicated to EMPOWERING Recreation Therapists. Through our resources, mentorship, and community-building initiatives, we strive to equip professionals with the tools and inspiration they need to excel in their careers. Our mission is to shape the future of Recreation Therapy, one empowered therapist at a time.

Join us on this journey of growth, empowerment, and community as we work together to shape a brighter future for Recreation Therapy. Be Ever Evolving.